Hoffmann flavour capsules for roll-your-own, cigarillos, Iqos, NeoHeats and flavoured cigarettes

The Hoffmann aroma capsules provide pleasure-loving smokers with delicious flavours for every taste, even after the ban on menthol cigarettes.

Our most popular aroma capsules
Delicious and easy to use

Flavour capsules are the alternative to menthol cigarettes

The application is very simple. Use the stick supplied to make a small hole in the filter of your cigarette. Then turn the stick over, take one of the capsules out of the pack and insert it into the poked hole. For the full taste experience, you then only have to crush the filter with the aroma capsule.

Flavoured cigarettes since 2014

Hoffmann Aromakapseln GmbH has been producing delicious aroma capsules for smokers looking for more flavour when smoking since 2014. From the very beginning, we have relied on natural oils, high quality standards in purchasing and production and our good relationship with our customers.

Aroma capsules in 20 delicious flavours made from natural oils
  • Hoffmann menthol aroma capsules: the alternative to menthol cigarettes. The menthol aroma capsules taste exactly as you would expect as a menthol cigarette lover: strong and refreshing.
  • Hoffmann Black Ice Blast aroma capsules: For those who found menthol cigarettes too strong in the past, this flavour is a more subtle and lighter alternative that still brings the characteristic freshness of menthol.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Green Mint: Sweet, but fresh. Cool, but still soft. The Green Mint aroma capsules combine apparent opposites to create a great smoking experience that lovers of oriental aromas in particular will appreciate.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Blueberry Mint: Would you like something sweeter? Blueberry and mint harmonise wonderfully and create an exciting interplay of sweetness and freshness in the mouth and nose.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Cherry Mint: Cherry and mint is an almost classic combination, which also convinces as an aroma capsule with a distinctly harmonious overall picture. Ideal for all those who like sweet, but not too sweet.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Lemon Mint: It's summery with the aroma capsules in the lemon mint flavour. Known from iced teas and desserts, this aroma capsule is very fresh and stimulating.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Watermelon Mint: Sweetness meets cool elegance. Watermelon and mint activate the sense of smell and taste and create a summery aroma.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Passion Fruit: The soft acidity of the exotic fruit pairs with a fine sweetness to create an elegant composition that will not only make fruit fans' mouths water.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules energy drink: If you can't get enough of an energy drink, these aroma capsules are just right. You get an authentic energy drink flavour - not too sweet, not too lukewarm
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Spearmint: If menthol becomes too boring in the long run, reach for the aroma capsule with peppermint flavour instead. Here, cool freshness is joined by a certain sharpness that tickles the tongue and nose.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Mango: an aroma like a day on a Caribbean beach under palm trees. Enjoy the scent and taste of ripe mango and indulge your senses with delicate sweetness.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Ice Strawberry: The incomparable scent of fresh, ripe strawberries meets a hint of freshness here, leading away from the jammy towards riper flavours.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Ice Apple: If you like apples, you will love these aroma capsules. The honest aroma of a fresh apple is underlined by a little freshness instead of being watered down.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Ice Melon: Here, honeydew melon instead of watermelon meets the cool freshness of mint. Instead of strong sweet notes, you can expect a discreet but subtle sweetness that won't get boring.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Sweet Ice Peach: Experience the scent and taste of ripe peaches - a perfect aroma for spring and summer!
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Ice Grape: The aroma of red grapes with their heavy, delicate sweetness is refreshed. The result is a very unique, exciting taste for real connoisseurs.
  • Hoffmann Fizzy Orange aroma capsules: It's 32 degrees, you're in Spain and you've just come back from a long swim in the pool. An iced orange lemonade is waiting for you at your seat. This is what Fizzy Orange tastes like - refreshing, activating, delicious.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Vanilla: For cigarillo lovers and fans of dignified aromas, the vanilla aroma is ideal, providing fireworks in the mouth and nose with every puff.
  • Hoffmann aroma capsules Summerfresh: an aroma for fans of floral notes that convinces with its creamy sweetness.